Furrer Farms Begins

Colleen and I just closed on a 46 acre farm across from her parent’s house on Howe Lane in Creswell, OR, USA. We have already bought and remodeled the old family farm house that Patty and Don currently live in, and had no intentions of needing more property, but this home came up for sale, and we could not resist. The old “Bonnet place” as Colleen and her Dad refer to the property is bordered on two sides by Furrer land holdings, so it made a lot of sense to buy it.

We have always dreamed of living off-grid or at least as energy efficient as possible, and our intentions are to use this place to finally live the dream. We are now in planning stages, but envision solar panels, energy efficient appliances, window coverings, gray water recycling, rain water catchment, wind power, and possibly even harnessing the seasonal creek with micro-hydro. Homes do not need all of this to be environmentally friendly, but I am interested in experimenting with them to show other people how it can work.

The “Furrer Farms” part of the equation will be a fairly large organic farm, food processing, and a commercial kitchen to help people learn about eating great local food.

Lots of plans and dreams. We’ll see how reality plays out!


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