Coburg Riding

Jonathan is still trying to kill me:) We went on a little more than 20 mile bike ride today. We started at the Triple Oaks house, so the first mile is “straight up” according to me, “nothing” according to Jon. I’m going with my assessment. From there we fought a headwind to Herman Road. Wind is just as hard as a hill to me.

Coming back on Powerline Road was nice! My best pace is about 17 MPH, but going into the wind was more like 12-13 MPH. With the wind, it was more like 18-19, and Jon was going 20MPH.

This was the second longest bike ride I have ever taken. It may be small steps, at a slow pace compared to real bike riders, but, hey, at least I am doing something!



One response to “Coburg Riding

  1. Oregon In The Rear View

    I’m so jealous that it’s so cold out you have to have on headbands and layers of clothes. It was 94 here yesterday! In OCTOBER!! I’m hating it, sure doesn’t make you wanna go outside.

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