Procrastinators Eugene Debut!

Oh man, was this fun or what? Playing rock and roll in the bars again. Lots of friends turned out to watch us open for Aaron’s band, The Athiarchists. Most of the people in the bar were not even born the last time I played in a Eugene bar, but they gave us an awesome reception anyway.

Fun stuff!!


One response to “Procrastinators Eugene Debut!

  1. Watched some of your vods, very indie. How has the music seen changed in Eugene since last you surfaced there?

    But I’ll be honest, I’m really hoping to glean some wisdom from you on entering the IT arena. Since the building industry has slowed and work has slowed down, I have been looking for a job with more income potential and Network Technology seems like an easy place to start. Do you know anything about the programs offered at Lane? It seems to be an economical place for me to get my foot in the door, but how hireable are the graduates coming out of Lane?


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