Posting To WordPress Via Email

This is a test of what could be a very cool feature.  If it works, I hope they add this feature to

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker



2 responses to “Posting To WordPress Via Email

  1. Thank you for making Willy Beamish! I only wish you could have made the sequel. It’s one of those games that they just don’t make like that any more 😦

  2. I grew up playing just about every ‘point n’ click’, graphic adventure game I could get my hands on as a kid; from my younger Apple II/II GS days. The computer games that you were involved in designer remain some of my favorite. I wish that this genre had not fallen out of favor as it seems to have done so. I can still remember a very late night sleep over I had as a kid where — over junk food and soda — my buddies and I tried to beat Rise of the Dragon on the Sega CD. Thanks!

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