Game Maker, having co-founded Dynamix (sold to Sierra/VIvendi) and GarageGames (sold to IAC), where I was involved in making a bunch of games like The Incredible Machine, Trophy Bass, and game making products like Torque Game Builder.  Now I am involved in a new company called Push Button Labs (more info soon).

My wife, Colleen, and I have four kids, Heidi, Aaron, Jonathan, and Allison.  Four kids and two major businesses (with others on the side) have kept us happily busy.  Recently, we have acquired nearly 200 acres of land and will be starting Furrer Farms.

For hobbies, I ride motorcycles (street and dirt), do Olympic Weight Lifting, snowboard, and play in a band, The Procrastinators.


3 responses to “About

  1. cheers! to such a great person as you… hats off

    I am very happy that found your blog

    Kind regards,
    Maxim Lyulyukin aka “Robomaniac”
    (indie dev)

  2. Hi Jeff,
    It’s cool to hear that you are a musician as well. I am a drummer from San Diego, Ca. Well the reason I am contacting you is about “The Incredible Machine.” I grew up playing that game and loved every minute of it. Well back to the reason for the message. I have an idea for that game and would love to share it with you. Please email me if you are interested.
    Kory, San Diego, CA

  3. Hello there,

    I tried to get in touch through pushbutton labs website, but the email address doesn’t seem to be active, as my mail was bounced back.

    Would you drop me an email and I’ll write back?



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