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Furrer Farms Open House Was A Hit!

The house is complete, the old barn is fully restored and has a new floor. It’s time to party!

Last Saturday night, we held the Furrer Farms open house. Heidi did all of the massive preparations and made all of the food, and she did an awesome job! All of the guests loved the food, beer, and music.

Other than a little snafu with a blue grass band that thought they were Fleetwood Mac and made a bunch of undeliverable demands, everything went off smoothly. Of course, if there is a stage and an audience, the Procrastinators have to play. We had a great time and people enjoyed our set.

Compared to the drudgery of packing boxes and moving, which is what I am doing as I write this, the memories of this event are sweet.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Open House InvitationOpen House Procrastinators
Open House BarnOpen House Bon Fire


Could Replacing One CFL Really Save $800MM ?

I have always thought the claim of replacing one bulb with a CFL in every home would save $800MM per year was overstated. So, I did a little research, and it is not overstated. There are over 112MM households according to, and each 60W bulb running 8 hours per day replaced with a 60% more efficient CFL will save over $800MM per year. Here is the spreadsheet:

Hmm. iframes do not work on due to security issue, but the sheet is available on the link. Looks like the savings really are there. It is amazing how big 112,000,000 households really is. We have over 130 bulbs in our house. Some are rarely used, so CFL’s would not make sense, but if 1/3 were replaced all across the US, the saving would amount to billions. Wow.

Procrastinators Eugene Debut!

Oh man, was this fun or what? Playing rock and roll in the bars again. Lots of friends turned out to watch us open for Aaron’s band, The Athiarchists. Most of the people in the bar were not even born the last time I played in a Eugene bar, but they gave us an awesome reception anyway.

Fun stuff!!

The Procrastinators World Debut

In finally got back to playing music again! Don Poole and I have been the foundation of bass and drums since 1979, but have not played together in an “official” band for 25 years. Ken Dutchess has been playing music all of that time in a bunch of bands. We have been practicing about once per week, and finally had our first show at IndieGamesCon on Oct. 10th, 2007.

It was a blast. Probably had an audience of about 120 people plus 40 people watching an Internet stream on People really seemed to like us, but I think they were being a little kind. I listened to the video streams, and we weren’t bad. I’m just not sure about being “good”.

Below is an embedded version of the Ustream. In this song, we have a guest singer, Norb, and guitar player, Justin Mette. Sure, there are a few clunkers in there, but I’m sure it sounded better live 🙂

Here are some photos on my Flickr account. It shows our studio and some photos Magnus Blikstad took at IGC.