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Furrer Farms Is Coming Along

It always seems like it is the proverbial “two weeks” away, but the house on the farm is finally seeing the end of construction. Cabinets and counter tops are installed, the Tulikivi mass fireplace is in, most interior painting is done, carpet goes in next week, etc. My new target date for move in is now the end of July, mainly due to us being gone for vacation the middle two weeks of that month.
House Getting There
Farm wise, the old barn has been restored, the big “fun” barn has been enclosed and the recoding studio is nearly finished. We have a huge learning garden planted and our hay has been cut. I have been doing a lot of research about what kinds of crops, animals or services we can grow and provide, but have not made any real decisions about what the business model will be.
Old Barn Remodel
We are going to have an open house 8/2/2008 with a live bluegrass band, Heidi’s Darn Good Burgers, Ninkasi beer, and a short Procrastinators set.


Yahoo Sucks More Everyday

I rarely use any Yahoo services anymore. With the exception of delicious and Flickr, which I barely classify as Yahoo services, I simply do not use their “free” apps or services any more. Back in the day I used MyYahoo everyday, mainly for access to their (still) pretty good financial portfolios and research as well as their web based email, which I considered the first really usable on-line email. I also used Yahoo Maps, and experimented with anything they would come out with. For years, I touted Yahoo’s IM instead of ICQ, but as time progressed it became a bloated mess that wanted to own everything I did. As the family’s defacto IT guy, Yahoo IM became more and more of an issue, so I was happy to finally be able to recommend Meebo as soon as that came out.

Google Mail came out and I never looked back. It became the default for my mail, my family’s mail, and my company’s mail. It was a revolution and it made me trust Google even more. I look forward to new Google services and have found them all to be delightfully functional, but that is not the only reason Google kicked Yahoo out of my life.

Today, I tried to use my Yahoo mail as a throwaway to sign up for a service I was unsure of. When I went to the account that I had not visited for several months, my box was filled with Yahoo spam from all kinds of sources. Of course, at the bottom of every one of the emails they sent me, the little disclaimer is right there:

You received this advertisement from Yahoo! because the information for the account jeff.tunnell indicates that Yahoo! may contact you. If you do not want to receive further commercial mailings from Yahoo!, unsubscribe by clicking here. To learn more about Yahoo!’s use of personal information, including the use of web beacons in HTML-based email, please read our Privacy Policy. Yahoo! is located at 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

So I click unsubscribe, and after an interminable amount of time (Yahoo is incredibly slow), my log-in page comes up (I had just logged in five minutes earlier), and up pops this screen:
Yahoo Sucks

I never, ever gave Yahoo permission to spam with this crap. I find it incredibly lame that they feel the need to “opt” me in to this kind of desperate attempt to make money. If this their new direction that Jerry Yang has been touting as the way to head off Microsoft, they are in deep crap.

Yeah, Spoiled Kids

Officially, this is Colleen’s new vehicle to replace our aging Subaru Outback that has over 180,000 miles. Practically, it is Allison’s new car, and Colleen will end up driving the crappy Ford Focus with 100,000 miles.

Wow, Can This Thing Really Pull This?

Here we are on our first trip to the Winchester Bay Dunes riding area with the new Road Trek. The motorhome looks kind of spindly here, and I was a little worried about how it would handle the 2,500 pound trailer, Rhino, and Raptor. I needn’t have worried, it came through like a champ. It would easily handle 70+ MPH on the freeway, and I routinely cruised 60+ MPH on the back roads. Climbing the Coast Range, it held a steady 50+ MPH on the steepest hill before the tunnel.

It has been years since our family had the time to go riding at the Dunes. We should have kept doing it. Even when it is a busy weekend like this, it is extremely fun. Very family oriented, our group had four kids under 10 years old, plus one twleve, plus Allison. My Dad came over, so our little caravan had three generations of riders in one group.

Coburg Riding

Jonathan is still trying to kill me:) We went on a little more than 20 mile bike ride today. We started at the Triple Oaks house, so the first mile is “straight up” according to me, “nothing” according to Jon. I’m going with my assessment. From there we fought a headwind to Herman Road. Wind is just as hard as a hill to me.

Coming back on Powerline Road was nice! My best pace is about 17 MPH, but going into the wind was more like 12-13 MPH. With the wind, it was more like 18-19, and Jon was going 20MPH.

This was the second longest bike ride I have ever taken. It may be small steps, at a slow pace compared to real bike riders, but, hey, at least I am doing something!


One Dollar Ninkasi???

A couple old hippie programmers 🙂 are trying to drink all of the Ninkasi before the Starlight Lounge gets smart and starts charging more than one dollar for a pint of the best IPA in Eugene.

Riding Bikes For Fitness

Yesterday, Jon took me on a bike ride UP Fox Hollow road. It is steep. I think he is secretly trying to kill me. Seriously though, riding the bike is getting to be more and more fun. Weight lifting messed up my back, so I can’t really do that right now. Bike riding is a lot less impactful.