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Posting To WordPress Via Email

This is a test of what could be a very cool feature.  If it works, I hope they add this feature to

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker



Furrer Farms Open House Was A Hit!

The house is complete, the old barn is fully restored and has a new floor. It’s time to party!

Last Saturday night, we held the Furrer Farms open house. Heidi did all of the massive preparations and made all of the food, and she did an awesome job! All of the guests loved the food, beer, and music.

Other than a little snafu with a blue grass band that thought they were Fleetwood Mac and made a bunch of undeliverable demands, everything went off smoothly. Of course, if there is a stage and an audience, the Procrastinators have to play. We had a great time and people enjoyed our set.

Compared to the drudgery of packing boxes and moving, which is what I am doing as I write this, the memories of this event are sweet.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Open House InvitationOpen House Procrastinators
Open House BarnOpen House Bon Fire

Furrer Farms Is Coming Along

It always seems like it is the proverbial “two weeks” away, but the house on the farm is finally seeing the end of construction. Cabinets and counter tops are installed, the Tulikivi mass fireplace is in, most interior painting is done, carpet goes in next week, etc. My new target date for move in is now the end of July, mainly due to us being gone for vacation the middle two weeks of that month.
House Getting There
Farm wise, the old barn has been restored, the big “fun” barn has been enclosed and the recoding studio is nearly finished. We have a huge learning garden planted and our hay has been cut. I have been doing a lot of research about what kinds of crops, animals or services we can grow and provide, but have not made any real decisions about what the business model will be.
Old Barn Remodel
We are going to have an open house 8/2/2008 with a live bluegrass band, Heidi’s Darn Good Burgers, Ninkasi beer, and a short Procrastinators set.

Can Voluntary Sustainability Ever Work?

I’m sitting in the Phoenix airport after three days in Las Vegas. Never mind that I flew in a jet to watch Supercross races, that is fodder for a different post regarding my ecological sins.

Low Lake Mead

The amazing thing is that over four million people flew into Vegas last month alone to join the rapidly growing 1.1 million people living in the valley. There is no reason a city should even exist in a desert that barely grows sage brush.

  • I guess it could be argued that they can get all of the electricity from Hoover Dam, but the dam’s output is off 15% from low water levels, and Nevada only gets 4% of its power from the dam. So, what is powering all of those air conditioners?
  • Same with the water. Get it from Lake Mead, but the lake’s level is falling fast. Predictions are that the lake has a 50% chance of going dry by 2021. That seems likely when looking at the lake from the sky.
  • Food is only five hours away in California, but nothing will grow next to LV without massive amounts of water, and even then, the temperature is too high. There is a reason it is called a desert.

I could not help but ponder this the entire time I was visiting, but I was watching people completely oblivious to the problems. Millions of people worried about their tans, fake boobs, tattoos, and winnings. I cannot imagine many of them changing their ways voluntarily.

What does it take to get people to change? Maybe the shock of high energy prices will be enough. As Peak Oil approaches (or is here) prices will rise so much that this propped up fantasy land cannot be maintained, and it will simply collapse under its own weight. Or on a brighter note, maybe everybody will get a clue, conserve, put up massive thermal solar arrays, figure out how to catch every drop of the 3.5″ of annual rainfall, and the world can keep its fantasy land. Or not.

Testing Remote Posting From ScribeFire

This is a test to see if the ScribeFire Firefox plugin works.