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Procrastinators Eugene Debut!

Oh man, was this fun or what? Playing rock and roll in the bars again. Lots of friends turned out to watch us open for Aaron’s band, The Athiarchists. Most of the people in the bar were not even born the last time I played in a Eugene bar, but they gave us an awesome reception anyway.

Fun stuff!!


Don’t kill trees. The Kindle is the future of books! Some people think it looks strange, and I do too, but the design is actually quite functional. This thing will hold 400 books, and saves a lot of trees (not sure if it saves carbon output though since it is made of plastic).


Coyotes killed a few sheep in one of our Furrer Farms fields. The remains attracted Eagles for a couple of days. Quite a treat.

Water Calculations For Furrer Farms

Our irrigation well produces 40-50 gallons per minute. It has too much arsenic to drink, but has been able to irrigate about 10 acres of pasture for cattle grazing throughout the summer. Here is a quick calculation of how much water this well actually produces:

So, how much water could be in a pond that would hold rainwater runoff, take in some seasonal creek runoff, and maybe be augmented by the well? Below is the calculation of how much water is in a certain size pond:

Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Average Depth (ft.) x 7.5 = volume of water. For example, a if your pond is 4 ft. Long x 8 ft. Wide x 2 ft. avg. depth x 7.5 = 480 gallons. I’ll put this in an Instacalc embed soon, but for now, I’ll see what a 200′ by 200′ pond that is 5′ average depth has for volume.

200 X 200 X 5 X 7.5 = 1,500,000 gallons. So, it would take about a month to fill with all of the output from the well.

Rainwater catchment from the barn would be about:

80 X 144 = 11,520 ft sq roof area.
.9 efficiency coefficient for metal roofing
3.7″ average monthly rainfall in Eugene, OR, USA area.
.6 conversion factor to get gallons
11,520 * .9 * 3.7 * .6 = 23,016 gallons per month.
23,016 * 12 = 276,192 gallons per year.

Wow, not much of a dent in filling the pond.

But, much, much more could be gotten from the seasonal creek. I will have to do some flow analysis to determine just how much water id flowing by the pond site from October to May of each year. I know it is a LOT.

Outdoor Living Space

It is extremely important to have easy access to outdoor living space. In the Summer, most of our meals are eaten under the cover of our beautiful faux timber framed porch. For the new house we want to repeat and improve upon this space that we have loved for over ten years now.

The dimensions are 20′ X 30′. Pavers set in sand have pluses and minuses. They are nice to look at with their earthy feel, but they are difficult to sweep and weeds grow in between the cracks. I like the idea of permeable surface under the grape arbor, but for the new version, going for some kind of polished concrete under the covered area may be better.

This time around we need to make sure to build in electrical outlets as well as a drip irrigation system. Our current version has no irrigation and the electrical was put in as an after-thought, requiring a LOT of work and expense to install.

We want an outdoor wood fired oven, and I have been researching plans for this (another post to follow).

Yeah, Spoiled Kids

Officially, this is Colleen’s new vehicle to replace our aging Subaru Outback that has over 180,000 miles. Practically, it is Allison’s new car, and Colleen will end up driving the crappy Ford Focus with 100,000 miles.